Iliff Aircraft Repair & Service Co.
3225 N. Sheridan Rd.
Hangar 17
Tulsa Int'l Airport
Tulsa, OK 74115
(918) 835-5554

Iliff Aircraft- The Experts in Lavatory Component Overhauls and Repairs


Iliff Aircraft Repair and Service is the leading authority on ATA chapter 38 repairs and overhauls for waste and water components since 1964!

We overhaul and repair all Lavatory components to OEM specs:  Monogram, Weber, Evac, Rogerson Kratos, Allen, Adams Rite/Sabre, Kaiser, Aqua Rotter, JAMCO, Yokohama, Edo, Circle Seal, Woodward, Sell Galley Systems, Kohler-Dayton, and Honeywell and many more..

We are an FAA approved repair station ( No. DE2R765K ), and EASA certified ( 145.5656 ) and are compliant with the FAA anti-drug and alcohol misuse prevention program. Our friendly and reliable service has given us a great reputation that is well known throughout the world. Over 5000 capabilities and growing.

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 We work on vacuum flush toilets, chemical flush toilets, water/fill valves, faucets, all faucet subcomponents, potable water tanks, all potable water tank subcomponents, waste tanks, waste ball valves, waste dump valves, actuators, level sensors, timers, SELL galley tables, and systems, coffee makers, cocktail trays, inseat folding trays, etc..  If it is Lavatory or Galley it is ILIFF!







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